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Starch Ad Readership Studies

The world's leading ad measurement service.

Starch provides advertisers with proof of advertising effectiveness. The surveys are conducted by means of personal interviews with readers of specific issues of newspapers, consumer magazines, business and professional publications.

The first objective of any ad is to be Noticed. Starch measures this fundamental aspect of advertising performance. Starch also measures the ads ability to communicate Brand Association and the extent of reader involvement in copy reading. These measures of Noting, Brand Association and Read Most are reported for each ad in a magazine issue. This permits a useful context for evaluation as ad effectiveness is related to scores for other ads of the same size, colour and product category.

Ad norms or averages for specific titles provide a further performance benchmark. Track your own campaign, measure competitive advertising and learn which elements contribute to high readership scores.

Advertisers can supplement this information at a modest cost with custom questions on ad meaning/message, believability, persuasiveness, purchase intent, etc…

Surveys can be sponsored by individual advertisers or by magazine publishers who often provide the results to clients free of charge. Let us know what magazines and issues you would like to see Starch measured.

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StarchPlus Diagnostic Study

All print advertisements are designed to meet specific communication objectives. Yet few ads are independently evaluated to determine whether the intended message is being conveyed. In fact, some ads inadvertently communicate undesired messages.

Conducted in conjunction with a Starch Readership Study, or as a custom study, StarchPlus provides advertisers with evidence of advertising effectiveness and the return on their advertising investment.

StarchPlus studies evaluate each advertisement on the basis of its creative elements (interest, innovation, visual appeal, attention value) as well as its content elements (clarity, information value, believability and persuasiveness). Additionally, the study measures communication value, relevance, attitude to the product or advertising and the amount of information contained in the ad.

An extensive database of Norms provides the context for evaluation.

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Starch Ad Pre-testing

A measurement of intrusiveness and diagnostics pre-publication.

One or more concept ads are evaluated to help advertisers determine the most effective combination of visuals and copy to achieve the desired communication objectives.

Test ads are inserted into a 'mocked-up' magazine or newspaper which respondents are asked to leaf through. Questions are posed concerning ad recall on an unaided, partly aided and prompted basis. Respondents are asked to read the test ad thoroughly and the StarchPlus Diagnostic Test is administered.

Custom questions are then administered as well as category usage, brand usage and standard demographic questions.

Respondent qualifications vary by study. They can be qualified as users of a product category and/or readers of one or more of the publications in which the ad will be appearing.

An extensive StarchPlus norm base is available to permit a useful context for analysis.

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Starch Out-of-Home Advertising Studies

These studies measure the stopping power of various forms of out-of-home advertising including posters, interior and exterior bus advertising, subway platform posters, bus shelters, the Silver Box advertising network and shopping mall advertising media. Surveys are sponsored by advertisers and out-of-home media companies.

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Database of Advertising Performance

Custom analyses and presentations can be commissioned on "What Works and What Doesn't" in magazine advertising. Special reports and analyses by product category provide advertisers with valuable insights on how to maximize print advertising effectiveness.

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Publisher Services

Starch Editorial Testing

Surveys that provide specific information on readership of all types of magazine editorial content including columns, departments, feature articles and special inserts. Results are used for monitoring editorial performance, editorial planning and can be used as an ad sales tool to provide evidence of readership throughout the issue and the exposure opportunity provided by particular magazine positions.

Starch Advertising Testing

Publications that sponsor Starch Advertisement Readership Studies are able to attract new advertisers to the publication, attract new categories of advertising and prove readership performance to existing advertisers. These surveys provide information that goes beyond circulation audits and audience research numbers.

Value & Usage

Starch Advertisement Readership Reports...

  • Provide independent, objective third party proof that ads in your publication are seen and read.
  • Demonstrate the consistency of readership throughout the publication to combat positioning problems.
  • Open up new business opportunities by demonstrating how ads in relatively weak or new product areas perform.
  • Demonstrate that while interest in specific advertisements may vary, advertising for all types of services get seen and read.
  • Provide creative guidance to advertisers and agencies by showing them what works best and why (e.g. ad size/colour).
  • Prove that good ads can score well on left-hand as well as right-hand pages.
  • Relate advertising performance to a client's primary target market - for example, users of a product or service.
  • Generate client contact by using each Starch Study as a reason for a personal sales call.
  • Use a Starch Readership program schedule to promote participation in future issues.

Primary Audience Studies

Detailed surveys among recipients/subscribers that form the basis for a magazine's advertising sales strategy. Typically used by consumer and business publishers not measured in syndicated audience research studies, these studies provide information on readership duplication, time spent reading, secondary readership, issue retention and demographics. Custom questions enable a publisher to provide advertisers with information on readers' interests, lifestyle and purchase habits.

While surveys have common elements, each one is custom designed to provide relevant and compelling sales information pertinent to the particular target audience or market.

Custom Publishing

Starch conducts proprietary readership and audience research for custom magazines published by major marketers and retailers.

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In-Magazine Surveys

Large scale in-magazine surveys are designed and tabulated using sophisticated scanning technology through our affiliated companies, ScanningWorks and ConsumerScan International.

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Media Research

TV Measurement

The extensive media section in Roper Reports Canada includes broad viewership data and interest in Canadian Specialty and Digital channels.

Magazine Readership

Roper Canada contains an extensive magazine measurement section providing audience research on major Canadian magazine titles as well as custom published magazines.

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